Our philosophy

We do not just produce windows: we invent them


The company's advanced solutions are designed to improve the viability of the home and the well-being of the people who live in it. Every day we work on the main task - to provide maximum comfort for people who choose our PVC constructions. 

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Continuous technological evolution allowed us to create a wide range of patented design solutions in the window industry. Our PVC windows reduce consumption, guarantee a high level of security and decorate the interior. Attention to detail is what sets us apart from accessories to technological solutions. With WINERGO, PVC construction becomes a modern, convenient and safe part of your home.

Energy saving

All our translucent structures have high energy savings, and also offer thermal and acoustic insulation of the highest category. You are guaranteed well-being in the cold months, and even more so in the warmer.


With PVC windows WINERGO the house will become not only more comfortable, but also safe. Special protective equipment is now applied to each design. It meets all international standards and is able to protect you from unauthorized entry of intruders into your home. We will provide you peace of mind and the right protection for the whole family.

Aesthetics and Design

We are not used to be content with a simple result. Attention to detail and personalization is what distinguishes us from others. More than 10,000 different combinations adapt to every interior choice and integrate with every living context.
Each frame can be made in the form of an individual selection: you can choose the parts that you prefer, the ones that best reflect your spirit. For your home you have to choose the best. Stop your choice on the design of window frames from WINERGO.
VEKA profile systems are reliability, quality and availability. This is a warm solution for comfort in every home. This is a trusted profile!

Find Softline 70 SPECIFICATIONS..

WINERGO SOFTLINE 70 windows The perfect complement to your home Description Number of cameras 5 Mounting width (mm) 70 Glass unit thickness (mm) from 24 to 54 Heat transfer 0.83 Performance White, Color Seal Colors Black, Gray, Caramel Combination width and sash frame in the light opening (typical in mm) 118 Seam Height (mm) 25 Seal material ARTK, Silicone, TPE (co-extruded) Number of seal loops 2..


Discover all the advantages
of windows Winergo

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    Thermal insulation

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    Burglar-proof and accident-prevention security

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    Resistance to weather and watertightness

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    Custom windows

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    Windows with atypical shapes

Мы являемся поставщиками и производителями оконых конструкций, входных дверей

Winergo разрабатывает и производит высококачественные окна двери из ПВХ Дверные Панели отвечает всем требованиям: функциональность и дизайн, красота и долговечность, энергоэффективность и безопасность. Индивидуальная входная дверь, которая выражает ваш личный стиль и идеально сочетается с домом. Высококачественная входная дверь, сделаны из материалов 100% в Германии.